Big Box Stores vs. Bradfords

The lead paragraph in this Associated Press story that the Eugene Register Guard ran last week got our attention: “In order to grow, Best Buy is shrinking.”


Here’s one of the biggest bricks and mortar retailer of electronics goods recognizing that the market is changing. The article noted that many consumers use Best Buy to check out the gear they’re interested in and then purchase it elsewhere, often online, at a lower price. In fact we know of a person who bought a product they were checking out at a Best Buy with their smart phone while they were still in the aisles of the Best Buy store.

When you differentiate solely by price, customers will rush to find what they want at the lowest possible cost. But we’ve been focusing on a different model – something that we’ve lived by since we opened our doors here in Eugene a little over 30 years ago: that keeping customer service at the forefront and helping our customers get the most out of their purchases is the best way to bring value to folks spending their hard-earned dollars on a home entertainment item. Value is key.

And by the way – we also offer a price guarantee. You can read all about it on our page here: About. And we’re also here for professional consultation, delivery, setup – whatever you need. In short, we offer a very customer-focused experience. There’s nothing quite like making a purchase at Bradfords. We call it the Bradfords difference.

You may get a good price from places like Amazon or retail discounters like Walmart, but you won’t get the value, personal service or the attention to detail that we can provide. If you order something online, are you really sure that you’re getting exactly what you want? What if something is wrong with your purchase? Do you really want to go through the hassle of calling someone up to get “authorization” to return it, repackage it, box it back up and seal it, haul it to a shipper and send it off only to wait for who knows how many weeks or months to get a replacement item or to get reimbursed?

No, didn’t think so.

The weather is turning nicer, stop on by and check us out in downtown Eugene. We’re easy to find (at 942 Olive St., right next to the new construction for Lane Community College), and it’s easy to find parking within a short walk. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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