Magnepan MG 1.7 Speaker – The Beginning Of A New Era

The Magnepan MG 1.7

It has been a delight to have  a long history with the Magnepan speakers. Our day to day experience with them  began in the 1970’s.  From their inception, the Magnepans have offered tremendous amounts of  enjoyment to so many music enthusiasts.  The low mass, enclosure free design of the large mylar panel has provided a sound that is often described as large, open and clear – with stunning realism and vividness. Voices and instruments seem as if they are suspended right in front of you. Almost equally impressive is their value. When listening to Magnepans alongside other speakers costing the same or more, this becomes very apparent. Sound quality and value are the primary reasons we have recommended these speakers over such a long time.

The mylar tweeter was eventually replaced with the “quasi” ribbon and “true” ribbon versions. These ultra-thin aluminum ribbon tweeters offered improvements in high frequency response, clarity and dispersion. All of the Magnepan models became hybrid designs, using the ribbon tweeters to reproduce the high frequencies and the mylar panel covering the mid and low frequencies. This technological improvement had a significant impact on performance.

Fast forward to the present and you will discover that Magnepan has taken their design another quantum leap forward. The Magnepan MG 1.7 has replaced the long standing and very successful MG 1.6.  In the process, the MG 1.7 became the first Magnepan speaker to utilize the “quasi” ribbon drivers for the entire frequency range! This has resulted in a very noticeable improvement in cohesiveness and clarity across the entire frequency range. The MG 1.7 is a three way speaker driven exclusively by “quasi” ribbon drivers. The challenge of blending a “quasi” ribbon or “true” ribbon tweeter with the mylar panel has been removed. The time/phase accuracy over the entire frequency range has increased, allowing the MG 1.7 to realize many of the benefits of a full range driver (the technology section of Magnepan’s website explains their design very well).

The sound quality of the MG 1.7 is simply amazing!  Whether music or movies ( or both ) is your passion, we highly recommend taking a listen to these remarkable speakers. Hats off to the  Magnepan design team for once again coming up with a substantive breakthrough in technology. The MG 1.7  marks the beginning of a very exciting transformation in the Magnepan product line and we invite you to stop by Bradford’s for a listen!


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