Magnepan Mini Mag System – A Reference Desktop Speaker System

Lifestyles are constantly in flux and today many of you are listening to music in places other than traditional family and living room environments. Desktop spaces and small extension rooms are prime examples. If high end performance is desired in these areas, a great pair of headphones is certainly an option. But often times, desktop and small room systems utilize computer speakers, complete bookshelf designs or wireless speakers – all likely compromising sound quality.

All is not lost for the music enthusiast wanting vivid and lifelike reproduction on a desktop or in a small room. The Magnepan Mini Mag system can capture the magic of full size component systems and set it on your desktop. Measuring just 14″ high and 10″ wide, the Mini Mag is essentially an MG3.7 ( 6′ tall and $6000/pair ) in “Mini Me” form. The accompanying Magnepan DWM woofer panel seamlessly extends the low frequency response. Listening to the Magnepan Mini system from across a small room offers impressive sound quality. If you want to really treat yourself, move within 5-6 feet of the speakers. When listened to at close range ( near field ), the Mini Mag system presents a spacious and three dimensional sound that represents an entirely new way of listening to music. This unique listening¬† experience is similar to what is offered in a high end headphone or large component system – sharing many of the characteristics of both . We suggest you stop in and hear for yourself.

Magnepan Mini Mag System $1490 (Includes 2 Mini Mags and 1 DWM woofer)



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