Bradford’s has carefully selected a line of products that provide solid performance and value at every price category. If you have any questions about the product lines we carry, please send a note or call us at (541) 344-8287.

The philosophy of Audioquest founder Bill Low is to design audio and video cables that transfer music and video signals from point A to point B without degradation. Audioquest cables do not add coloration or impart a characteristic quality to the signal – allowing your equipment to perform at their best.

Boston Acoustics tabletop systems offer surprisingly deep bass, wide dynamic range and are very affordably priced. They are ideal for listening to music in the bedroom, kitchen, office or any smaller room. Prepare yourself for an “ear opening” experience!

Cambridge Audio is a member of distinguished British manufacturers that have greatly contributed to music listening enjoyment. World class CD technology represents just one facet of many excellent Cambridge Audio product innovations. Cambridge Audio components offer superb performance and value with a “no frills” approach to design.

With nearly a century of background in audio recording and playback, Denon continues to offer a diversified mix of specialty home entertainment products. Denon audio/video surround sound receivers and Blu-Ray DVD players are among the best available.

Grado, the oldest family-owned company in the audio industry, has for almost half a century commanded the appreciation of music enthusiasts for phono cartridge and headphone design. Grado headphones epitomize musicality. All models, beginning at $50 and ranging to $1500 are highly recommended!

For over 40 years, Magnepan, a small loudspeaker manufacturer in White Bear Lake, Minnesota has been producing a unique loudspeaker design that has continued to thrill the musical hearts of listeners around the world. We invite you to come and experience why these speakers are so unique.

From the simplest of stereo systems to the most elaborate home theater equipment, Marantz has all your bases covered. Backed by a three-year warranty, even on CD and DVD players, Marantz never ceases to offer extraordinary value.

From their base of manufacturing, importing and distribution, Music Hall supplies well priced audiophile grade products. Music Hall, Creek, Epos, Goldring and Shanling are just a sampling of the award winning brands from Music Hall. Their turntables consistently make the “Recommended List” in Stereophile Magazine.

Bradford’s is extremely pleased to represent Paradigm, Paradigm Reference and Paradigm Signature Series speakers. As testimony to their superb value, Paradigm was rated #1 in the price/value category 19 times by the Inside Track Magazine annual survey.

Paradigm products are for sale only in Bradford’s designated geographical region.

Peachtree Audio has always been at the forefront of computer audio. Using a computer or iPod as a music source can sound compressed and uninspiring – but it can also reproduce music with amazing clarity! This variance in performance is dramatic compared to the relative differences between CD players. The amplifiers, digital to analogue converters, direct digital iPod docks and speakers from Peachtree Audio can transform your computer or iPod into a high performance music source.

Rogue Audio amplifier designs combine the finest in tube-circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance.

“[Salamander Design’s] Synergy System provides incredible design flexibility in a high-quality and easy-to-assemble package. If you have special requirements or simply want something that’s different and well-engineered, this is the furniture that’s hard to beat.”
– Rob Sabin, Home Theater

Shunyata Research was created from the vision that music and video systems could be dramatically improved through effective control of AC noise and power. Shunyata AC conditioners and power cables are thought of by many as the best available.

The ultimate test for a product is the satisfaction that it delivers to the purchaser. Perhaps no other product we have represented meets this challenge better than the speakers from Vandersteen Audio.
Dating back to the introduction of the Model 2 in 1977, designer Richard Vandersteen has never wavered from his fundamental priorities of offering the utmost in performance and reliability in each price category. This is one of the reasons Vandersteen Audio has accumulated enormous respect within the industry and why we whole-heartedly recommend them to you.

Treat yourself to a first-class listening experience with components from Vincent Audio. Designed in Germany, Vincent Audio offers a wide array of products that push the envelope in high-end value.

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  1. William Blitz

     /  February 5, 2015

    I am looking for a good quality integrated amp, cd player and a turntable with total cost no more than $1500. I would consider open box or demo for consideration.


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