Two Turntables Offering Great Value

With more and more interest building for turntables, it is exciting to come across reasonably priced designs that perform well. The Denon DP-300F and Music Hall USB-1 are two prime examples.

The Denon DP-300F is an attractive, fully automatic turntable that is packaged with a cartridge and sells for $329. It includes a switchable built-in phono preamp that allows for the turntable to plug into amplifiers that do not have phono inputs.

The Music Hall USB-1 is one of the few turntables with a USB interface that actually performs well. Music transferred from the turntable to the computer can only sound as good as the turntable and cartridge are able to pick up from the record. The USB-1 stands on its own as a solid $249 turntable. A cartridge and switchable phono preamp are also included. Unlike the Denon, the Music Hall does not pick up, return and shut off at the end of the record.

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