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Bradfords Now Open Sunday 1-5

Bradfords Home Entertainment will now be open on Sunday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm beginning April 14, 2013. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere with easier parking, we encourage you to visit the store on the weekend. Opening on Sunday extends that opportunity to one extra weekend day which we are hoping will offer added convenience. […]

Paradigm In-Ear Headphones

Paradigm has been producing world-class, award-winning speakers for over 30 years. Their expertise has now been passed on to a line of outstanding in-ear headphones. The E1, E2m and E3m models are voiced to match the Paradigm Monitor Series, Reference Series and Signature Series speakers respectively. These headphones offer excellent midrange reproduction and can resolve […]

Mighty Mouse – The Audioquest DragonFly USB DAC

The Audioquest DragonFly digital to analog converter is perhaps the most unconventional product we have ever carried. It is no larger than a USB memory stick, yet this DAC will play a critical role as an interface between your computer and sound system. At $149, the DragonFly Version 1.2  is more than just a great […]

The Amazing Paradigm Atom Monitor Speaker

Now in its seventh generation, the Paradigm Monitor Series speakers have offered the best cost/performance ratio in a Paradigm brand that is filled with many offerings and great value. The Monitor Series shares much of the technology present in the upper end models. To save cost and increase value, the Monitor Series is packaged in […]

Some Thoughts On Home Theater

It is amazing to think of how viewing television has changed in a few short years. Affordable, flat-panel designs with stunning picture quality have arrived. With progress, however, comes challenge. Thin televisions can only be packaged with thin sounding amplifiers and speakers. Modern day televisions have taken a gigantic leap forward in picture quality and […]

Paradigm A2 Powered Speaker

Now and then an audio product comes along that makes your jaw drop when you see it and hear it. The Paradigm A2 bi-amplified speaker clearly falls under this category! Physically resembling the classic Paradigm Atom Monitor, the self-powered A2 exhibits dynamic range and bass response you would normally experience only with much larger speakers. […]

Big Box Stores vs. Bradfords

The lead paragraph in this Associated Press story that the Eugene Register Guard ran last week got our attention: “In order to grow, Best Buy is shrinking.” Interesting. Here’s one of the biggest bricks and mortar retailer of electronics goods recognizing that the market is changing. The article noted that many consumers use Best Buy […]

Our New Look

Since the new year began, we’ve been busy with a few things online. We’ve updated our Website (hope you like it) – not too many changes, but freshened it up and added a few things. You should notice right away those two big, bold buttons that will allow you to connect with us via Facebook […]

How to Get the Best Digital Audio Quality

The convenience of using a computer or iPod as a music source is undeniable. It is why so many of us are compiling playlists for our music systems. Computers and iPods are now commonly used alongside conventional music sources such as CD’s, LP’s, and tuners. But what about sound quality? Computers and iPods used as […]