The Amazing Paradigm Atom Monitor Speaker

Paradigm Atom Monitor (Stand Optional)

Now in its seventh generation, the Paradigm Monitor Series speakers have offered the best cost/performance ratio in a Paradigm brand that is filled with many offerings and great value. The Monitor Series shares much of the technology present in the upper end models. To save cost and increase value, the Monitor Series is packaged in a more basic finish.

The newest version of the Monitor Series consists of two bookshelf and three floor standing models. At $398/Pair, the Atom Monitor represents the most compact and lowest cost model in the new lineup. It is eleven inches tall, seven inches wide and comes with a 5 1/2 ” mid- bass driver and 1 ” tweeter. If possible, we strongly recommend that you audition this speaker. Voices and instruments are presented in a very open and clear manner without edge or harshness. Equally and perhaps more impressive, is the bass response. You may or may not choose to use a subwoofer with the Atom Monitor, but the bass response coming out of this smaller speaker is pleasantly full and robust.

There are many possible applications for the Atom Monitor. It can be used as a main speaker in a stereo or surround sound system. Before rushing out and purchasing a theater in a box system, consider this alternative.  Start with a modestly priced surround receiver and a pair of Atom Monitors. Our thought is that having two excellent speakers is better than using five that are not seriously designed. With a pair of Atom Monitors as a starting point, you can simply add more speakers to the system as your  budget allows. As more speakers are purchased, the Atom Monitors can continue to be used as front left/right or can be converted to surrounds if larger speakers replace them in the front.

For their size and price, the Paradigm Atom Monitor is really amazing and we highly recommend that you give them a listen!

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